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What is SAInt?

The Scenario Analysis Interface for Energy Systems (SAInt) is a software platform to model and plan energy networks & markets, including electricity and gas.

SAInt advances energy planning by allowing users to model coupled energy networks and analyze the challenges and synergies at their interface. SAInt’s users can run simulation- and optimization-based models to quantify the trade-offs between costs and reliability, and study the intersection of markets and physical systems.

SAInt is used by a wide range of users for different applications. SAInt’s unique and modular capabilities, as well as its flexible and intuitive interface, are designed to address the challenges and facilitate the solutions of a decarbonized future. 


Electricity market & network modeling

Coupled electricity & gas network modeling

Gas network

Key features

Time & cost saving solution

Invest in one software to model and plan electricity and gas networks using simulation- and optimization-based models

Seamless data exchange

Avoid time-consuming data exchanges between different software environments when modeling different energy networks or when iterating between physical- and market-based models

Fast & robust solvers

Use state-of-the-art mathematical problem solvers to inform your investment and operational decisions

Flexible & intuitive tool

Build, import, and edit models of energy networks and markets under a wide range of scenarios and conditions

Powerful analytical tool

Analyze the outputs of your models by designing custom reports, visualizations, and animations

Full automation & customization

Automate your model and scenario setup and connect your external applications to SAInt’s API

Quantify cost & reliability tradeoffs

Model electricity and gas networks by running physical simulations and solving market optimization problems

Probabilistic analyses

Simulate 1,000s of Scenarios by leveraging SAInt’s flexibility to Run Monte-Carlo Simulations

Accurate & validated models

Rely on SAInt's validated electricity and gas networks mathematical models

Integration with wind & solar resource datasets

Model electricity generation profiles of wind and solar plants by leveraging SAInt’s integration with high spatial- and temporal-resolution meteorological datasets ... Read more

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