Dominique Adolfo, M.Sc.

Visiting Ph.D. Researcher (encoord GmbH)

Dominique is a visiting Ph.D. Researcher at encoord GmbH. He has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florence, Italy. He is currently inscribed as a PhD student at the University of Florence. The topic of his Ph.D. thesis is numerical modelling and simulation of gas networks and power plants. During the first and second year of his PhD, he developed a modular code for the simulation of gas networks in the steady state and dynamic conditions, in particular, to analyse the operation of gas distribution networks.
In 2018, he was a visiting Ph.D. Researcher at Zeinet & SSE, Almaty in Kazakhstan for three months, where he worked on simulation of gas compressor stations and the implementation of algorithms for control systems and auxiliary systems for gas turbines and centrifugal compressors.

Selected Publications

  1. Dominique Adolfo, Carlo Carcasci, Claudio Falchetti, Pietro Lubello, "Thermo-economic analysis of a natural gas liquefaction plant," in Energie Procedia, Volume 148, August 2018, Pages 42-49 .
  2. Dominique Adolfo, Davide Bertini, Andrea Gamannossi, Carlo Carcasci, "Thermodynamic Analysis of an Aircraft Engine to estimate performance and emissions at LTO cycle," in Energie Procedia,Volume 126, September 2017, Pages 915-922.

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