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Plan for Hydrogen Integration

Alternative fuels cause their own mix of challenges. How do you plan for greener fuels?

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The challenges the industry is facing

Gas and power interface

Changing fuel mixes impact both gas and electric systems. Technologies like electrolyzers need coordinated planning between networks.

Operational and strategic planning should be coordinated

Strategic planning without consideration of operational realities increases costs and risks. Operational planning without strategic guidance slows growth.

Fuel blending

Different gas qualities and compositions impact gas pipeline networks in terms of operating pressures, line pack management, energy density, and other factors.

Time and cost

Multiple planning platforms and data sources increase cost and time while reducing trust in the decision process.

Green hydrogen

What are the costs and potential value of electrolytic hydrogen generated by renewable electricity?

How encoord provides the solution

SAInt - An Integrated Systems Modeling Platform

The Scenario Analysis Interface for Energy Systems (SAInt) is a software platform designed to model integrated energy networks and markets.

Energy Market Modeling

Model electricity and other energy markets.

Gas Network Modeling

Model gas pipeline transmission and distribution networks.


encoord provides advisory, training, data, and support services to help you implement SAInt and better plan for the energy future.

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Case Studies and Use Cases

Previous uses and future potential applications of SAInt

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Check out our flyer on integrated planning to learn more.

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