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Thermal Network Modeling

Model heating and cooling networks to better plan districts.

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District heating and cooling networks

Plan thermal networks using advanced thermo-hydraulic models to evaluate your system’s mass flow rate, temperature distribution, and heating requirements under different scenarios.

Modernization of district heating networks

Evaluate different solutions to upgrade district heating networks to a new generation. The contribution of waste-to-heat, bore-hole, biomass-based combined heat and power plants, and thermal storage technologies can help transition toward 5GDHC networks.

Low temperature heat

Analyze the effects of low-temperature heat integration from industrial and commercial processes and renewable sources such as geothermal and solar thermal generation.

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Decarbonization of heating

Plan for different decarbonization strategies to reduce your network’s carbon intensity.

Thermal storage

Compare the benefits of short-term vs. long-term thermal storage strategies and determine the best implementation for your network.


Model how prosumers can enhance or limit the reliability and operations of district heating network.

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Case Studies and Use Cases

Previous uses and future potential applications of SAInt

Other ways SAInt can help you...

Accelerate the Energy Transition

Read our white paper to learn more on how to plan for the future of thermal networks.

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