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Electricity Network Modeling

Model electricity transmission and distribution networks.

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Power flow

Run AC (or DC) three phase balanced power flow simulations.

Optimal power flow

Run AC (or DC) optimal power flow dispatch models.

Unit commitment and economic dispatch

Run nodal and zonal security constrained unit commitment and economic dispatch optimization models using DC-OPF or transport-based transmission representation.


Generation, storage, demand, transmission, and distribution

Model constraints and costs of different power system assets, including generators, lines, transformers, storage devices, and demands.

Probability analyses

Perform reliability studies and risk assessments by evaluating 1,000s of scenarios using SAInt’s flexibility to Run Monte-Carlo simulations.

Wind and solar variability

Model electricity generation profiles of wind and solar plants by leveraging SAInt’s integration with high spatial- and temporal-resolution meteorological datasets.


Case Studies and Use Cases

Previous uses and future potential applications of SAInt

Other ways SAInt can help you...

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