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Coupled Electricity and Gas Network Modeling

Model the synergies and interdependencies between electricity, gas, and thermal networks.

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Combined modeling

Model coupled electricity and gas networks by running power flow simulations combined with gas hydraulic simulations.

Coupling assets

Plan the location and operation of assets at the interface between electricity and gas networks. These include gas-fired power plants, power-to-gas facilities, electric-driven compressor stations, underground gas storages, and LNG regasification terminals.

Coordinated planning and operation

Plan coupled electricity and gas networks by coordinating planning decisions and by evaluating coordinated controls.


Plan for decarbonization

Understand the flexibility and storage opportunities at the interface between electricity and gas networks. Analyze how a tighter coupling between them may support the transition to a decarbonized energy system.

Plan for resiliency

Quantify the correlated impact of extreme events on coupled electricity and gas transmission networks. Plan coordinated mitigation strategies.

Plan for hydrogen

Model the impact of electroyzers on electricity and gas networks. Plan their location, sizing, and operation.


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