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encoord helps you plan energy systems to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry.

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The energy industry faces challenges


Electrification requires planning across distribution, transmission, and generation assets and across power and gas systems.

Renewables and storage integration

Renewable generation and storage increase planning challenges.

Siloed planning processes and teams

Existing modeling tools and data sources are inconsistent and not coordinated.

Overload of data

Multiple sources result in different answers and conflicting output.

Managing outdated systems

The inertia of outdated systems slows needed change.

Energy systems integration

Coupled energy networks require integrated planning tools.

Empower Electrification Planning with SAInt

Overcome the planning challenges associated with the electrification of gas customers with SAInt. Use integrated data, physical simulation, optimization, and expert guidance to assess cost, value, and risk effectively. Empower your organization to confidently navigate toward electrification and meet regulatory requirements without increasing risk or sacrificing reliability.

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What future are you planning?

All achieved in our software SAInt, a planning tool for energy systems.

The Scenario Analysis Interface for Energy Systems (SAInt) is an advanced modeling software for energy sector stakeholders that need quantitative insights to make strategic decisions, manage risk, and plan for the energy transition.

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Solving problems in 13 countries so far.

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Accelerate the energy transition

Check out our white paper and discover the importance of leveraging the synergies between energy networks.

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