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Plan for Renewables and Storage Integration

Renewable generation and storage technologies can cause as many problems as they solve. Careful scenario planning is required to quantify and minimize risk.

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The challenges the industry is facing

Unique profiles cause unique problems

Every technology is different and causes unique challenges. Unique and customizable profiles must be part of the planning process.

Operational and strategic planning should be coordinated

Strategic planning without consideration of operational realities increases costs and risks. Operational planning without strategic guidance slows growth.

Weather dependency

Weather variability and uncertainty challenge planning and operational processes.

Time and cost

Multiple planning platforms and data sources increase cost and time while reducing trust in the decision process.

Congestion is a major risk

The spatial and temporal variability of electricity generation and demand can lead to challenging interactions between their market and network impacts.

How encoord provides the solution

SAInt - An Integrated Systems Modeling Platform

The Scenario Analysis Interface for Energy Systems (SAInt) is a software platform designed to model integrated energy networks and markets.

Electricity Network Modeling

Model electricity transmission and distribution networks.

Energy Market Modeling

Model electricity and other energy markets.

Wind and Solar Profiles

Model electricity generation profiles of wind and solar plants by leveraging SAInt’s integration with high spatial- and temporal-resolution meteorological datasets.


encoord provides advisory, training, data, and support services to help you implement SAInt and better plan for the energy future.

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Case Studies and Use Cases

Previous uses and future potential applications of SAInt

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Check out our flyer on electricity planning to learn more.

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