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A review of technical and regulatory limits for hydrogen blending in natural gas pipelines

B. C. Erdener, et al., International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2022.

Abstract: There is rising interest globally in the use of hydrogen for the provision of electricity or heat to industry, transport, and other applications in low-carbon energy systems. While there is attention to build out dedicated hydrogen infrastructure in the long-term, blending hydrogen into the existing natural gas pipeline network is also thought to be a promising strategy for incorporating hydrogen in the near-term. However, hydrogen injection into the existing gas grid poses additional challenges and considerations related to the ability of current gas infrastructure to operate with blended hydrogen levels.

This review paper focuses on analyzing the current understanding of how much hydrogen can be integrated into the gas grid from an operational perspective and identifies areas where more research is needed. The review discusses the technical limits in hydrogen blending for both transmission and distribution networks; facilities in both systems are analyzed with respect to critical operational parameters, such as decrease in energy density, increased flow speed and pressure losses. Safety related challenges such as, embrittlement, leakage and combustion are also discussed. The review also summarizes current regulatory limits to hydrogen blending in different countries, including ongoing or proposed pilot hydrogen blending projects.

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The Hidden Flexibility of the Natural Gas Network for Electric Power Operations: A Case Study of a Near-Miss Winter Event

A. Fay, et al., NREL Technical Report, 2023.

The Value of Gas Network Modeling on Electricity System Operations

W. Frazier, et al., EPRI Technical Report, 2022.

Mexico Clean Energy Report

Bracho et al., NREL Technical Report, 2022.

An Integrated Solution for Planning and Operating Power-To-Gas Facilities in Coupled Gas and Electricity Networks

D. Adolfo, et al., Pipeline Simulation Interest Group (PSIG) Conference 2021.

Integrated Model of Natural Gas Pipelines and the Electricity Grid

B. Hodge, et al., JISEA Research Highlight, 2020.

Electric Power Grid and Natural Gas Network Operations and Coordination

O. J. Guerra, et al., NREL Technical Report, 2020.

Combined Simulation of District Heating and Electrical Power Networks

K. Klinkel, Master Thesis, University of Eindhoven, 2020.

An integrated transient Model for simulating the Operation of Natural Gas Transport Systems

K. A. Pambour, et al., Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 2016.

An integrated Simulation Tool for analyzing the Operation and Interdependency of Gas and Electric Power Systems

K. A. Pambour, et al., Pipeline Simulation Interest Group (PSIG) Conference 2016.

SAInt - A simulation Tool for analyzing the consequences of Natural Gas Supply Disruptions

K. A. Pambour, et al., Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) 2016.

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