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Energy Market Modeling

Model electricity and other energy markets.

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Power system production cost modeling

Model electricity markets and optimal power system operations solving Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch optimization problems.

Generation technologies

Model the constraints and flexibility of different electricity generation technologies, including thermal, hydro, wind, solar, and other power plants.

Storage technologies

Model the constraints and flexibility of pumped hydro, batteries, liquid air, thermal, hydrogen, and other energy storage technologies.


Energy demand and electrification

Model the variability and flexibility of different demands, including industry, heating & cooling, transportation, and newly electrified processes.

Ancillary services

Model impact of and contribution to different types of ancillary services, including contingency reserves, frequency and voltage regulation, and other forms of operational reserves required to operate power systems reliably.

Custom constraints

Model the impact of user-defined operational constraints that affect one or multiple assets, including generators, transmission lines, storages, fuels, and demands.


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