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Plan for Thermal Networks

Heating and cooling demands are large and represent potential sources of flexibility. How do you plan the future of thermal networks?

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The challenges the industry is facing

Increasing cooling demands

Energy planners must keep up with the demand for new cooling services.

Electrification of district heating

Independent planning solutions do not fully capture the interface between electricity and thermal networks.

Thermal network expansion

Additional customers can only be served when added in batches and must be planned carefully.

Thermal energy storage technologies

Differences and complementarities between storage technologies must be considered for proper planning.

Low-temperature heat

The waste of industrial processes and renewable heat need to be considered.

How encoord provides the solution

SAInt - An Integrated Systems Modeling Platform

The Scenario Analysis Interface for Energy Systems (SAInt) is a software platform designed to model integrated energy networks and markets.

Thermal Network Modeling

Model thermal networks for heating and cooling.


encoord provides advisory, training, data, and support services to help you implement SAInt and better plan for the energy future.

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Case Studies and Use Cases

Previous uses and future potential applications of SAInt

Accelerate the Energy Transition

Read our white paper to learn more on how to plan for the future of thermal networks.

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