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Gurobi and encoord Announce New Partnership

encoord is working with Gurobi to answer the industry’s most pressing questions.

BEAVERTON, Ore. – October 27, 2022 Gurobi Optimization, LLC, the leader in decision intelligence technology and creator of the world’s fastest mathematical optimization solver, announced its new partnership with encoord, a software company that provides tools, data, and advisory services to help energy stakeholders plan for change and make better strategic decisions.

“There is an obvious need for change in the energy world,” explained Dr. Carlo Brancucci, CEO of encoord. “Decision makers need to make key decisions that have not only economic impacts, but also social and environmental impacts. We help our customers make those decisions more efficiently and with a higher degree of reliability. Gurobi is helping us accomplish this, for an even bigger impact on our customers.”

encoord’s core technology is the Scenario Analysis Interface for Energy Systems (SAInt), a software platform for modeling and planning energy networks and markets.

Dr. Kwabena Pambour, encoord’s CTO and inventor of SAInt, studied the interdependency of electricity and gas networks in Europe and recognized the industry need for an integrated planning tool that could answer today’s most pressing energy questions.

“The European Commission was very interested in security of supply,” explained Pambour. “They wanted to know: What happens if there is a shortage of gas supply due to a political crisis, similar to what is happening now? How do we actually operate the network? How do these disruptions propagate from one network to the other? So, I started developing a tool that could solve both gas and electricity in the same platform.”

Until 2020, SAInt had primarily served as a platform for running simulations of electricity and gas networks. Since then, the team developed and incorporated new, cutting-edge optimization modeling capabilities using linear and mixed integer linear optimization solvers, while using Gurobi as one of the solvers.

“That's when we first contacted Gurobi to ask about the potential of linking SAInt optimization models to Gurobi’s solver,” said Pambour. “We found that the proposed partnership aligned with our vision as a company in terms of growth and the type of experience we want to offer to our customers.”

The partnership offers encoord’s customers the ability to run far more simulations and computations than they could previously, to a higher degree of confidence in their results.

“The computational scale we can now offer to our customers through the Gurobi partnership is significantly larger than what we could offer them before,” Pambour emphasized.

Although the partnership is relatively new, both parties are very pleased with the experience thus far.

“Gurobi is a fantastic company to work with and so far the experience has been excellent,” said Brancucci. “We feel very lucky to be in this partnership because we believe it’s going to support our growth as we help our customers plan for the energy transition. It helps us meet their needs to a larger extent than we could with other data or with other solvers.”

Gurobi’s COO, Duke Perrucci, echoed that sentiment: “We’re very excited about our partnership with encoord because they are helping the energy industry plan for the future and catalyze the changes that are absolutely needed today.”

To learn more about encoord and how they help energy stakeholders plan for the energy transition, visit www.encoord.com.

To learn more about Gurobi and their partnerships with innovative companies like encoord, visit www.gurobi.com.

About encoord

encoord Inc. provides software tools, data, and advisory services to help energy stakeholders plan for the energy transition. encoord’s core technology is the Scenario Analysis Interface for Energy Systems (SAInt), a software platform to model and plan energy networks and markets. encoord works with utilities, network operators, technology and project developers, regulatory agencies, and research organizations to solve operational and strategic challenges. With offices in the US and Germany, encoord serves customers internationally to change the future of energy.

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