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encoord celebrates seven-figure investment and launch of SAInt 3.0

Denver, CO, USA January 25, 2022

encoord, an energy modeling software company based in the USA and Germany, whose purpose is to enable the decarbonization of energy systems through innovative software solutions, announces the closure of its latest investment round and the launch of SAInt 3.0 – its unique planning software to model electricity and gas networks. The recent $2.4 million investment from eight angel investors is the second seven-figure investment round for encoord in the past two years and follows a period of continuous growth. Since doubling its headcount across Europe and North America in 2021, the company is confident in its ability to continue this growth trajectory in 2022. The launch of SAInt 3.0 is yet another significant milestone for encoord. Since its commercialization in 2017, SAInt has been advancing energy planning by allowing users to model independent and coupled energy networks to advise investment, reliability, and decarbonization strategies. The Scenario Analysis Interface for Energy Systems (SAInt) is a software platform that models energy networks and markets. With SAInt, planners and operators quantify and analyze the interdependencies and synergies between electricity and gas networks, which can enhance energy security and enable increased integration of renewable energy sources. SAInt’s ability to run physical simulations and optimization models of electricity networks allows users to quantify the trade-offs between cost and reliability and study the intersection of electricity markets and physical networks. Carlo Brancucci, Co-founder and CEO of encoord explains: “There is an increased need for tools like SAInt in the market. We see SAInt 3.0 as the foundation of the future reference modeling software for energy networks and markets. Given the growing complexity of energy systems and ambitious decarbonization goals, decision-makers face new challenges. Our solution – our vision – is to provide a flexible and versatile modeling platform that empowers them to make strategic decisions, reduce costs, enhance reliability, and enable pathways towards decarbonization.” Kwabena Pambour, Co-founder and CTO of encoord adds: “We are incredibly excited and optimistic about the future of SAInt. Thanks to continued investment and our client partnerships, the software - which has been built on a modular design - continues to grow with the potential to add features that adapt with the ever-changing landscape in the energy transition.” Intuitive to use with a modern graphical user interface (GUI), SAInt offers a flexible application programming interface (API) which supports integration with existing decision making processes and enables users to efficiently plan the decarbonized energy systems of the future. Media contact Andy Bingle encoord Inc. andy@encoord.com encoord provides software tools to plan for today’s energy systems and their transition to a decarbonized future. Headquartered in Denver, CO, USA, with a subsidiary in Essen, Germany, encoord currently has 17 team members globally and has worked with a number of companies and agencies across the Americas and Europe. SAInt, encoord’s planning solution, is an energy modeling software used by electricity and gas network operators, utilities, project and technology developers, regulators, and government agencies to inform their decision-making. For more information about SAInt, please visit: https://encoord.com/solutions/saint

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