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Use Case: The Challenges of Electrifying Gas Customers

SAInt is a foundational planning tool for companies who must solve the many challenges and obstacles associated with the planning and implementation of gas customer electrification.

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The Details

The energy industry looks to the electrification of gas customers to help meet carbon emission reduction goals, reduce gas system maintenance costs, and increase the use of renewable energy sources.

In order to begin the process of electrification, companies must first build a foundation around the data, tools, and expertise required. encoord's software SAInt creates a foundation for organizations to:

  • Leverage high-quality, expertly cleaned, and processed distribution and transmission data for gas and electric networks

  • Integrate the data from gas and electric networks into one platform

  • Model and analyze the results of various electrification scenarios to better understand the integrated impacts

  • Quantify the cost, value, and risks of electrification while considering regulations, system constraints, and incentives

Once this foundation is built, organizations can begin to look at the process of electrification, knowing they stand on solid ground. With total transparency into the physical and economic realities of electrification, they can then move forward with their planning processes confidently.

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