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Andres Peluso

Technical Sales Specialist


Andres attended the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked in Canada on projects and operations in the oil and gas and manufacturing industries, which led him to the energy sector and pursuing two master’s degrees in Energy Engineering and Management and Energy Innovation. With encoord, Andres was originally part of the energy system modeler team improving our customer experience by providing consulting services and training and helping to improve SAInt by testing the software and developing new energy network models. He has now transitioned to the sales team providing his technical knowledge and experience to understand our customers' needs and how they can leverage SAInt to solve their challenges.

Why encoord?

“I love a challenge, and one of the biggest challenges we are facing is how we achieve net neutrality. I believe software applications like SAInt are crucial for the next steps in the energy transition.”

Andres - Gray

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