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Dr. Nicola Zaccarelli

Customer Support Lead


Nicola obtained a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Parma and a PhD in Fundamental Ecology from the University of Salento. Before encoord, Nicola did a host of work in GIS data analysis, research, teaching, and most recently work developing GIS for the EU energy infrastructure with the Join Research Center of the European Commission. At encoord, Nicola is working to strengthen and expand spatial analysis, GIS, statistical analyses, and hydraulic modeling.

Why encoord?

“When I first got to know encoord, I saw a knowledgeable and dedicated team of professionals, driven by great ideas. They are powered by lot of passion, and focused in making what they know and love into a powerful tool to help changing how Society and Companies use energy. I saw friendship and lot of Mathematics. And I said to myself “I want to get in!”.”

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