Case study

HELICS+ Natural Gas and Grid Validation and Optimization

With the increasing interdependence of the natural gas and power sectors, there is an increasing need for new tools that enable co-simulation between these two domains. Although there is a wealth of simulating tools in each domain, linking them together in a coherent manner is often challenging. One tool intended to address this need is the Hierarchical Engine for Large-scale Infrastructure Co-Simulation (HELICS™). Developed through support from the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium (GMLC), the HELICS™ tool is intended to facilitate the interconnection of existing simulator tools across domains. In this partnership, encoord is working with NREL and other GMLC partners to develop HELICS™ linkages to its SAInt tool. These linkages will extend to both gas and power flow modeling in SAInt, enabling future users to integrate SAInt's capabilities with a range of power or gas simulating tools. See for more information on the HELICS™ tool.