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European Commission - Hybrid Coupled Networks for Thermal-Electric Integrated Smart Energy Districts

Case Study

encoord is participating in HYPERGRYD, an EU-funded consortium comprised of 19 partners from seven countries. The project will take place from 2021-2025 with the goal of developing a set of replicable, scalable, cost-effective solutions to allow the integration of renewable energy sources within thermal grids and understanding their link to electrical grids.

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encoord will use SAInt and leverage our understanding of energy network modeling to develop a software application to enable modeling, planning, and operation of coupled energy networks (heat, cooling, gas, and electricity).

The models created in the application will include steady state and dynamic simulations and use real-time measurements to enable the reconstruction of physical network states. These reconstructed network states will be used for look-ahead simulations considering load and generation forecasts as well as operational control schedules.

The tool will eventually be applied to an actual coupled thermal-electric network system and its mathematical models will be tested and calibrated to analyze and monitor the performance of the network system in different scenarios. 

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