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ICM - Decarbonization Planning for the Mexican Power System

Case Study

Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM) uses SAInt in a project that focuses on modeling the Mexican power system's decarbonization. In this project, three modeling exercises are performed. The first one is a long-term strategic planning modeling effort to develop power system decarbonization scenarios in line with the carbon budgets. The best alternatives to integrating renewable energy are evaluated from technical, economic, and environmental perspectives. The second one is a medium-term planning modeling effort to evaluate the power expansion and development plans while quantifying the impacts on the system's reliability and emissions. The third one is a short-term model that assesses the Mexican power system's operation during a year under different scenarios and conditions that are in line with the current regulatory changes, the integration of new renewable energy projects, and the potential impact of fuel availability constraints.

ICM Case Study

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