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encoord's 2023: Progressing the Energy Transition

As we bid farewell to 2023, see the moments that defined encoord's year and look at the impact encoord has made as a company through thought leadership, advancements in our software SAInt, and our work with customers and partners.

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This video outlines major customer developments, new use cases, SAInt updates, our major thought leadership activities, and a glimpse into what 2024 holds for encoord.


  • encoord expanded its customer base and added new use cases that consolidate encoord’s position as a market leader in integrated energy planning.

  • SAInt saw significant enhancements, including the addition of thermal network modeling, the ability to simulate electric distribution networks and the impact of distributed energy resources, and an enhanced graphical user interface with a new geo-referenced map.

  • Thought leadership was a major part of encoord’s year, comprising webinars, publications, whitepapers, media features, and award selections.


Article: encoord's 2023: Progressing the Energy Transition


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