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Keeping the lights and heat on: The risks of gas insecurity on the power system

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The United States has seen the power sector become increasingly dependent on natural gas pipeline networks. With increased adoption of wind and solar generation, gas-fired power plants help provide the flexibility required to keep electricity flowing.

This dependence increases the coupling of electricity and gas networks, and careful planning of both systems is needed to ensure that outages are avoided. These outages, especially if prolonged, cause major issues, including loss of life, economic loss, and damage to the infrastructure.

encoord recently worked with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to run scenarios with encoord’s software SAInt to analyze real-world gas network and electricity power systems during a period of inclement weather and potential outages.

The 30-minute webinar featured our presenters, encoord’s Dr. Carlo Brancucci and Dr. Brian Sergi from NREL, and a Q&A session after. They discussed the results of a recent study and how gas insecurity can be mitigated through the coordination and optimization of gas and electric networks.


Case Study: Security and Resiliency of the U.S. Gas Supply

White Paper: The Hidden Flexibility of the Natural Gas Network for Electric Power Operations: A Case Study of a Near-Miss Winter Event

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